Birthday is a holiday of the soul!

The happiest day of the year that every child is waiting for is his birthday. At this moment, the baby always feels special, receives a bunch of gifts and pleasant surprises, and is in the spotlight.Parents spend a lot of effort to prepare a children’s party . This task can be facilitated by special organizations that will decorate the room, prepare various “goodies” and entertain the kids. But not everyone can afford such services. In addition, many boys and girls are interested in the preparation of the holiday itself.

How to organize a celebration?

The best option for celebration would be a theme party. Boys can dress up as pirates, robots or heroes of the fairy tale “Harry Potter”, and girls – in beautiful princesses, fairies or butterflies. Be sure to include a theme in the invitations so that guests can prepare appropriate costumes. By the way, about invitations. You can buy them in stores or make them yourself with your child.

Try to cook light meals to decorate the table. Salads can be decorated in the form of animals so that they look not only tasty, but also beautiful. And don’t forget the sweets. Serve fruits as slices, with ice cream or as part of other dishes.

Children are mobile by nature. Therefore, you should prepare different entertainment in advance. If your program has contests, then every kid should get incentive prizes. After all, they are so vulnerable and, not having received the prize, they can get upset and cry. They can also get bored with constant contests and the attention of adults. Turn on the music, let the children dance, run, have fun themselves. But in this case, take care in advance that all fragile objects are out of reach. Or gather the guys in front of the TV and turn on an interesting cartoon.

When it’s time to leave, see off the guests with your son (daughter). This will help instill good manners in your child. And finally, give the little visitors a balloon and thank them for coming.

Happy holiday and pleasant mood!

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