Choosing A Private School

For some time now, public secondary schools have had an alternative – private institutions, in which you have to pay for education. Often families that earn enough money send their children to a paid school. Why is it better than usual?

Advantages of non-state educational institutions undoubtedly, general education institutions such as private schools in Moscow give students more opportunities. For example, they boast an extended educational program. So, the chances that your child will know a foreign language well are much greater when studying in a private high school. A number of institutions prepare students for exams, which subsequently allow them to continue their studies abroad.

Also, private institutions can boast of increased comfort, a high technical level of classes with modern furniture, various equipment (personal computers, etc.), without which the successful implementation of the learning process in a private primary school is impossible .

Another huge advantage of paid institutions is the attention and individual approach to the student. Since there are usually few students in the classroom, no child is left without the teacher’s attention.

These schools help children go to university. They, as a rule, cooperate with a number of higher educational institutions and purposefully prepare high school children for admission to a particular faculty.

Choosing an establishment
You can start by compiling a list of private schools, looking for reviews on the Internet. Choose from all 2-3 that you think are the best. In order to see with your own eyes the state of the classes, go to the Open House.

In addition to ordinary schools, there are full-time private schools , they are suitable for parents who work does not allow taking their child out of school with a regular schedule.

Foreign languages
There are several opinions on how to make a child fluent in a foreign language. According to one of them, learning must begin from early childhood. It is the study of a second language together with a native one that will make a child bilingual.

The perception of a three-year-old is different from the perception of language, for example, of a first grader. Not so long ago, children got acquainted with a foreign language for the first time in the 5th grade, now they practice a foreign language from the 1st grade. Early acquisition of a language base will greatly facilitate the child’s future life at school.

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