Don’t let your child lose their eyesight. Simple tips.

The eyes allow people to see the beauty of the world around them. Recently, the percentage of children with poor eyesight has increased. Aimless sitting at a computer on social networks, TV, and a smartphone has a detrimental effect.

What affects the deterioration of vision?

There are several reasons for visual impairment in children, ranging from heredity to external factors.

Heredity is one of the common facts that have a bad effect on the eyes. If mom or dad has a vision problem, then there is a high probability that this problem will occur in the child. This will be a reason for parents to monitor children’s vision. Today, most eye diseases are treatable, and the main thing is not to miss the moment in time to eliminate it.

The quality of food and its variety have an impact on vision. Parents have a responsibility to ensure that their children eat a variety of foods. For example, vegetarian parents believe that meat should not be consumed. But as practice proves, such a hobby has a bad effect on the eyesight of children. Adults can get involved in raw food, vegetarianism, but it is better not to experiment on children to avoid the sad consequences later.

As already mentioned, the eyes of children are influenced by a computer, TV, smartphone. The rules for using this equipment must be followed. It is better not to allow children to play computer games at all. In addition to visual impairment, there is a violation of the emotional state of the child.

Bright light is a factor in reducing vision. You can’t look at the bright sun for a long time because the eye’s retina is affected. Many people buy goggles for this reason, but they should only be purchased with quality lenses. The poor quality glass used will do more harm than bright sunlight.

Parents must monitor children’s eyesight to closely monitor their habits, for example, squinting when reading or watching TV.

How to protect children’s eyesight?

Modern medicine has made a big breakthrough in the field of ophthalmology. Various methods of vision correction are used: physiotherapy, optical, as well as surgical treatment.

But it is better to prevent the disease than to cure it later. To have good eyesight, it is necessary to follow several rules of behaviour.

When mentioning the prevention of diseases, the active lifestyle of both children and adults is put in the first place. Children should visit sports sections, spend a lot of time on the street playing outdoor games.

Set for children the mode of sitting at the TV, a computer monitor. Lately, parents have been buying tablets and smartphones as gifts to their children, making a big mistake. But if this happened, you need to track how long they use these gadgets.

Nutrition for a child is one of the components that affect health. Children receive the necessary vitamins and minerals from the foods they eat. For good vision, it is recommended to include more vegetables and fruits in the diet. Make sure that children are not addicted to chips, sugary carbonated drinks.

Parents need to make sure that children take the correct position while doing homework, reading. It is recommended to observe the distance from the eyes to the forty centimetres notebook, to the monitor seventy centimetres, to the TV at least three meters.

The child’s workplace should be well lit. The light on books and notebooks should fall from the left side.

It is recommended for a child to take a vitamin complex in spring and autumn. It is recommended to do eye exercises to relieve eye strain.

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