How to choose a private school with a boarding house

In Russia, of course, there are state schools that provide a good education. But they are mainly located in large cities. What should parents do who want to give their children a good education and have the financial ability to do so? Move to another city?

Of course, in the vastness of our vast homeland, there are public schools that can give children a good education. But in most cases, they are all located in Moscow or other large cities in Russia. And there are only a few such educational institutions. What should parents do if they have the financial ability and most importantly want to give their children a good education? Move to live in another city?

The best way out of this situation is to enroll children in a private school with full or partial boarding. These are private educational institutions in which the child can receive an excellent education while living on the school grounds. Full board includes the permanent residence of children (including weekends), partial – involves their stay at home on weekends.

How to choose a boarding school?
To make your choice unmistakably, pay attention to the following criteria.

The location of the school. It should be a safe, well-maintained and environmentally friendly area. Since most of the private boarding houses are concentrated in the capital of Russia, the location of the institution in the Moscow region would be an excellent option.
Check out the educational program offered by the boarding house.

Make sure that all the subjects your child needs are taught in full. Check out the complete list of incorporation documents. So you will make sure that the boarding school is operating legally, will not move to another, inconvenient area for you in a year, or will not close at all.

Take an interest in the USE results in this educational institution, with a list of universities with which the boarding school cooperates and in which graduates enter.
Of course, it is not always possible to issue all these documents at the first request of the parents. But! All of them must be posted on the official website of the educational institution. These are the requirements of the legislature. And every self-respecting school unconditionally follows them.

A striking example of this is the boarding school “Podmoskovnye Zori”, which unconditionally meets all of the above criteria.

What is so good about the boarding school “Podmoskovnye Zori”?

First, the highest level of education. Specially selected programs, highly qualified teachers undergoing strict selection, the possibility of admission after graduation to the most prestigious domestic and foreign universities. Secondly, an individual approach to each child. You can be sure that circles and sections, various activities and cultural programs will not leave your children time for stupidity. Every child will find something to their liking here. All this can be given to your children by the boarding school “Podmoskovnye Zori” .

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