How to find a job for a pregnant woman

How to find a job for a pregnant woman

Finding a good job with a decent salary is not an easy task, and almost impossible for expectant mothers. Few employers decide to hire an employee who will work for only a few months since with his departure the problem of finding personnel will return again. But, be that as it may, it is quite possible for a pregnant woman to get a normal job. First of all, you must clearly understand for yourself what goals you are pursuing.

In the future, you will face significant costs associated with the birth of a child. In addition, you will have to drop out of full-time employment for several years (or at least for several months), so you will not be able to replenish your family budget. And if a married pregnant woman can not rely on her spouse in this regard, then a single mother has quite serious problems.

Most women try to ensure a stable financial future as much as possible. A pregnant woman is looking for a job in order to earn good money before the baby is born. If you just need money, then in this case there can be a lot of options: seasonal or temporary work, work from home (tutoring, copyright, translations, babysitting, handicrafts, etc.), network marketing. Moreover, you can not leave many types of activities even after childbirth, you can also involve other family members in them.

fired due to pregnancyBut if your goal is formal employment so that later you can go on parental leave without any problems. Although, as practice shows, most employers do not want to hire pregnant women, despite the fact that this is prohibited by the Labor Code. And their behavior is quite understandable: few people want to hire a person for a short time, and then start teaching a new one. In addition, many employers mistakenly believe that they will have to pay maternity out of their own pockets. In our time, all benefits to young mothers are reimbursed by the Social Insurance Fund, if, of course, the wages are “white”, and deductions are made without delay.

So that you do not have problems with finances for the period of maternity leave, you can contact your friends, relatives and acquaintances who can help you with applying for a job. Business or government organizations that provide full benefits to workers are best suited. Most likely, you will find a suitable vacancy (not necessarily in a specialty), and in the thirtieth week of pregnancy, you can go on maternity leave and receive payments prescribed by law.

Calm, not hard work in terms of physical and psychological stress is suitable for pregnant women. It can be found in the library, archive, office, in kindergarten, in certain areas of the accounting department. Bank operator and postal employee are not the best positions for you, as they require mental balance and endurance to smooth out conflicts with clients. You can also look for work in commercial structures.

Often, during a short period of pregnancy, women prefer to hide their position from employers, which can result in trouble. You should not repeat their mistakes, it is better to immediately explain the situation and discuss everything with the employer, correctly setting out all the advantages over other candidates. In this case, the likelihood of a positive outcome increases significantly. Plus, some specialists may well work remotely, you can use this argument as well. And if you are a good specialist, then you can easily find a decent job, even being in a position.

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