How to potty train your toddler in three days

All parents are looking forward to that happy moment when they can forget about diapers. Some people think that potty training is necessary from a certain age. But it would be more correct to believe that it is necessary to start when the child is ready for this, both physically and emotionally. After all, all children develop in different ways. You won’t make any progress if your child is not ready for potty training.

But when to start this process depends only on your baby and on your decision. And you should not listen to other mothers on the street that their child already in a year perfectly fulfills his need only in the place designated for this. Remember, your child is no worse than others and he will learn everything when he is ready, a month earlier or later – it does not matter, but the main thing is the result.

All children are different – the same product can cause allergies in infants in one parent, and have no effect on the child of other parents. So potty training is also individual. There are also frequent cases when a child, having already mastered the pot well, suddenly begins to resist sharply during subsequent plantings. Time passes and training needs to be started anew. So, there is no need to rush into this.

Where to start potty training? Of course, with the purchase of this item. What will be the pot – you choose. There are pots in the form of animals or a chair, musical and with various play details. But most pediatricians advise buying the most ordinary pot, because the child should be aware that this object should be used for its intended purpose, and not for games.

And here is the pot at home. Put it in a certain place, convenient and accessible for your child. You should not immediately take off the pants from the child and put him on the pot. The kid will not understand what is required of him, he may be frightened, and the cry of a child is not the best way to start learning. First, tell us what a pot is and what it is intended for, plant a toy, or better sit down yourself, it will be clearer and more convincing.

Potty training should be done after sleep and after eating, and later every 2-3 hours. It is advisable to give up diapers for the whole day and wear them only during sleep. Be prepared that now it will take even more time for the child.

It is very good if the training takes place in the summer, when it will be possible to walk in panties. Do not forget to bring along for a walk a few changeable ones.

When sitting on the potty, you should immediately teach the child to take off and put on his pants. In order to further bring these actions to automatism. And it’s okay if a child from time to time, sitting on the potty, will forget to take off his panties.

If you have carpets at home, then it is worth collecting them before better times, because you can’t do without puddles on the floor.

You can also put a piece of cotton in the diaper to help your baby feel the moisture after urinating. In this way, we develop a causal relationship in a child.

Over time, the child will get used to regular planting on the potty, because it will become one of the elements of the child’s day regimen up to a year. But never press on the child and never force him, otherwise he may get scared and refuse altogether. If in the future you come across your baby’s reluctance to sit on the potty, do not be discouraged, just postpone this process for a while and return to diapers. Start potty training again after 2 weeks.

It is very important to praise your baby every time you use the baby’s toilet successfully. But you should never scold him for his mistakes. The child needs time to begin to control himself and to endure, training the bladder and parents.

Over time, during the day, the child will begin to consciously ask for a potty, but at night it is still difficult for him to restrain himself. Therefore, you should not give your baby a lot to drink at night, and if he woke up in a dry diaper, do not forget to praise the baby.

Talk to your child as much as possible, calmly explain what is required of him. Be generous with praise. Be patient, and the reward for your hard work will be no puddles on the floor and less washing.

Everyone knows that children grow up quickly, and before you have time to look back, your grown-up child is already mastering the adult toilet. Believe it or not, there will come a time when you forget about this problem. At least until the next baby is born.

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