Monetary signs or how to consciously attract money

In Russian culture, there are a large number of folk signs and predictions. Every one of us knows the signs associated with money.
To trust omens or not is a personal matter for each of us. Even those who do not particularly believe in omens still try again not to cross the road after a black cat.

The omen does not work until you know about it. You need to know some of the signs that can help to improve relationships with banknotes. Money loves an account – everyone should know how much cash they have, but don’t count money overnight. You should not touch the money in the piggy bank, otherwise, it will stop accumulating.

Look in your wallet, there should be no dented bills. Arrange the bills according to their denominations. Treat money with respect, keep money only in your wallet.

Fold them so that they lie in the same picture in one direction, lay them evenly. Do not put dollars and rubles together, put them in different pockets. Take money from the wallet with your left hand only, and give it only with your right hand.

Monetary signs associated with the moon
Do not waste time if you saw a young growing moon in the sky; show the moon your wallet and your income will grow as the moon grows. You can squeeze a coin in your hand and look at the moon to make a wish. These rituals will provide you with cash income throughout the lunar month.

If you saw a young month on the right side, your financial well-being will grow throughout the month, and if on the left side, there will be only expenses. It is necessary to borrow money when the moon is young in the sky and give it only when the moon is waning. Repay your debt only in small bills.

Monetary signs and men.
So that things go well in your endeavours, let a stranger into the room first. And clink glasses with a stranger’s man should be the last thing – so that money is always found.

For a successful trade, you need to sell the first thing only to a man. Monetary signs and time of day, day of the week. Don’t lend money on Sunday – they won’t return it. On Monday, too, do not lend and do not make payments – the money will not be returned. Don’t borrow on Tuesday – you’ll owe it all your life.

Do not borrow or give money in the evening – they will cease to be found. But it is necessary to repay debts in the morning, then the money will be found. Monetary signs or how to attract money: everyday signs.

To always remember money:
Do not put a hat on the table.
Do not leave keys on the table.
Do not put gloves on the table.
Sitting on the table – you will be poor.

Leaving an empty bottle on the table means a lack of money. Place the broom with a broom towards the top. So that money does not run away from the house like water, have only serviceable plumbing in the house so that there are no leaks. Scatter trifles in the corners of the houses with the words: “Let it come to my house!” Place a heel in the corners of each room. You can’t take revenge in the house with different brooms.

Plant a money tree (fat woman) at home, take care of it. This tree will improve your material well-being. You can put a few bills under the tablecloth to keep the money flowing. Don’t clean your home after sunset. Don’t sweep in the evening – sweep all your money, don’t wash the floor in the evening – wash your well-being. Wipe off the table only with a napkin or sponge, not by hand. Don’t take the trash out of your house in the evening.

Don’t throw anything out of the window – wealth can be thrown away. If you find the money. You can not lift a trifle, especially at an intersection – you will lose health. You cannot raise money on an empty stomach in the morning.

In Japan, they believe that fate can take something more valuable than the find itself for a find. Therefore, the money found must be spent on good deeds. Money signs or how to attract money: Other money signs. Hair cannot be cut by yourself, not even ends or bangs. If the left palm is combed, this is for money and the right one for waste.

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