Outdoor games for children

If you decide to go outdoors with children, do not forget to take a ball with you. Outdoor games for children are the favorite pastime for both toddlers and preschoolers. Parents need to remember in advance the basic rules of games that were popular in their childhood. If your memory fails a little, we will tell you about the options children love most.

Game options
Any number of players will do for a game called Flying Ball . Children stand in a circle and throw a ball to each other. The ball should not be too light to be blown away by the wind, but also not very heavy. Players must hit the ball in such a way that it is in the air for as long as possible and in no case touches the floor.

For the game “Pop and Catch”, children must choose one leader. Everyone except the ringleader stands in a circle. The presenter enters the center and throws the ball towards one of the players. The person to whom the ball is intended must clap and catch the ball. If he does something wrong, he is out of the game. The presenter throws the ball to the rest of the participants, moving clockwise. The one who won, takes the place of the leader, and the game begins anew.

As a rule, with his son, the father will go into the yard to play the ball, get a badminton or table tennis rackets from the attic. Dad is able to dance a waltz with his daughter. Mom often sits the baby down at a book, puts cubes or soft toys on him, or, in extreme cases, turns on cartoons on TV. The reason for such stark differences in behavior is not the inability to properly raise the child.

The thing is that the mother is with the child all day long and simply physically cannot play active games with him in the fresh air. She already cooks food all day, feeds the baby, cleans the apartment, teaches him good manners and correct behavior in society … Dads, most often, take care of children only on weekends.

But the problem with moms and outdoor games is pretty easy to solve. There is a whole series of discs containing funny children’s songs. Before each of them, an introduction is written, which tells about what movements need to be performed. Kids love this game so much that they are ready to play it all day long!

As practice has shown, children are attracted to those things of bright colors. It’s great if the toy has an image of your favorite cartoon characters. If the baby likes the ball outwardly, then the probability is high that he will want to play with it.

From any available means, for example, cubes, you can lay out strips and ask the baby to jump over them. You can also ask to quickly transfer small stuffed animals from one part of the room to another. Despite the simplicity of such physical exercises, they can have a remarkable effect on the health of the child.

Perhaps the most common game is the “Association” fun . A light ball must be used for this game. The players stand in a circle and throw the ball to each other. The whole interest of this fun is that you need to call associations to the previous word. The first word is called at random. For example, cow-milk-sour cream-borscht-cabbage and so on, if one of the children did not catch the ball or could not quickly come up with an association, he leaves the game.

If you want to change the game, you can discuss a certain topic before starting, for example, let the topic be transportation. For example, plane-trolleybus-bus-taxi-helicopter-car-bike and the like. Parents can play this kind of fun with the children. The main thing is that games bring a good mood!

Ball games are the best educational games for preschoolers, as they not only help the baby to become physically healthy, but also develop thinking. In order to interest the child, parents first need to get a good ball. For this, mom and dad, as a rule, are guided by certain criteria.

Firstly, the ball for the baby should not be too large and heavy. It is enough to buy a rubber toy. If we talk about the quality of the product, then the ball should be moderately tight. Please note that non-certified foreign products can not only color the skin of the hands, but also lead to the development of allergic reactions. To prevent this from happening, buy inventory in special stores and ask them for quality certificates.

If this is not possible, take out a damp cloth and lightly rub the ball. If the napkin has changed color, look for another toy for your baby. Quite often, products have a specific smell. Don’t expect it to wear off in a few days. If the manufacturer used poor quality raw materials or violated the technology, the unpleasant aroma cannot be removed.

If your child has never played with a ball before, teach him to roll the toy on the floor. For starters, you can only use your hands. In this case, it is convenient to play while sitting on the floor. As a rule, boys prefer the football version of the game. Do not limit the child, show him how to properly throw the ball, roll and fill. Surely, the kid will love these games and will be happy to play them!

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