Seven reasons why you want to take care of your health with acupuncture !

With the 7 reasons why you want to take care of your health with acupuncture, I hope to help clear a bit of the motley panorama at the beginning of the course.

Take care of your health with acupuncture

The variety of therapies that they offer us can create a real headache when wanting to face a certain problem. The offer is really incredible as well as infinite and if we add it to the troubled times that we are living it can be difficult for us to decide.

We don’t know what works or what doesn’t, because they recommend one thing or another .we all have a relative, the son of a friend, a neighbor who makes or sells this or that thing right? If anyone doubts today I will campaign for my specialty: acupuncture.

I will also tell you that I have always used in my practice, in which I have been for 30 years, all the treatments that have been necessary without any remorse. Being a doctor for me is a very broad concept of “caring” and I will always start with the least aggressive and gentler and, from there, whatever is necessary to promote the restoration of the patient’s health.

At all times, valuing the personal characteristics of each person, we will seek the treatment that you require at that time of your life. The return to Hippocratic medicine where “everything” was taken care of at this time does not raise doubts. Sometimes what the patient needs is a specialist of another type and that is our challenge. We have to be clear about where we are going, how we can help and what we can’t. Collaboration between professionals is of great importance to patients.

Reasons to take care of your health with acupuncture 

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest medicines that has endured over the centuries and it always seems that just in fashion. Curious, right? Times evolve towards integrative medicine, which is still the beginning of everything. We have to seek physical, mental, and social well-being to feel healthy.

  • Acupuncture, which centuries ago was known in Europe, is not contraindicated with any treatment or therapy. On the other hand, it is a good complement for many pathologies and more if we take into account the number of chronic diseases that exist today by increasing life expectancy as it has done. Many cases may be the only treatment.
  • In highly medicated people it is a great alternative to avoid adding more substances to the probably saturated body.
  • We will not observe in any case side or collateral effects as occurs with drug treatments. By inserting the needles there is an immediate release of endorphins that produce a relaxing effect. Of course, it could be said that it is a collateral effect, but a very good one.

Seek physical, mental, and social well-being to feel healthy.

  • If you keep your energy in good condition throughout the year, the chances of not getting sick from colds and seasonal diseases increase, as well as your resistance to stress in general. Ancient Chinese doctors treated the population while it was healthy.
  • When patients became ill, they stopped paying their fees to the doctor since it was considered that the doctor had failed with their care. Today we need prevention and work to preserve health, rather than fight disease.
  • By going to an acupuncture center regularly, you are having “yourself time” and taking care of yourself. You are investing in your well-being and performance in the medium and long term.
  • Acupuncture treatments, contrary to what it may seem, are very little aggressive. It involves inserting small and practically painless needles and keeping them comfortably lying down for 20 minutes. Nothing to do with the aggressive techniques that we resignedly attend in a hospital environment.

The truth is that our patients come happy, knowing that we will respect their hours. Unless something very serious happens which almost never happens and they are on their personal time.

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