Seven summer mistakes you shouldn’t make and how to avoid them

The mistakes in summer that we can probably make can be between snacking between meals to eat more sweets

Graciela Moreira, an expert in nutrition and cooking at PronoKal Group ®, explains how to eat well during the summer.

With the arrival of summer, the heat, and the holidays, we tend to have a more hectic social life, schedules change, we spend more time away from home, and that means that we change our habits during the day, even with food, since we usually eat worst.

Graciela Moreira, nutritionist and kitchen expert at PronoKal Group ®, explains that: “During the summer we abuse tapas and alcohol, we usually skip some meals and eat out more times than usual

Seven things not to do in summer!

Snacking between meals, drinking alcohol, eating ice cream. Are some of the mistakes we make during the summer and that do not help our body. Moreira explains how we can avoid them and continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

  1. Snack between meals

By not eating breakfast correctly, in a short time, we will be hungry, and it will lead us to snack during the morning and consume non-recommended snacks (cookies, pastries, sweets, salty.

Recommendation: We must have healthy snacks on hand; If we are at home or work, it is good to use yogurt with fruits or with nuts or jellies with fruits. If we are out on a walk or excursion, we will resort to cereal bars without simple sugars (they will give more satiety, and we will not be hungry right away).

The trendy veggie chips are a great resource. In any case, always respect the recommended portion that appears on the labels.

  1. Eat copiously for dinner

Often, we are out during the day, we eat more frugally, and at night to compensate, we make a large dinner.

Recommendation: What we eat at night in excess we will not burn. Therefore we will have a greater tendency to gain weight and have more solemn and prolonged digestion that will make it difficult to sleep.

We must make a light dinner with vegetables and some protein. Complete salads with light dressings are a great resource in addition to their low cost.

  1. Abuse alcohol

The terraces and outings with friends favor the consumption of alcohol with the consequences of all known and selecting dehydration and increasing the risk of heatstroke if we drink in the sun.

The queen of summer is undoubtedly beer; the light option or 0% alcohol reduces total calories by approximately 30%.

Recommendation: Never drink alcohol on the beach; we must hydrate ourselves mainly with water.

  1. Excessive consumption of ice cream

The sale of ice creams skyrockets in summer due to the need to appease the heat with something refreshing, but beware of its high content of simple sugars and fats.

Recommendation: The ice creams, especially the popsicles that we can make at home with unsweetened fruit juices or skimmed fruit yogurt with low sugar content, are the most recommended.

  1. Eat a lot away from home

It is common to eat a lot outside the home, especially on vacation, which is often the cause of weight gain.

Recommendation: Always choose simple dishes, without sauces, start as first with a varied salad taking care of the dressing, a low-fat protein (chicken, turkey, fish) as second and replace the dessert with a yogurt, a small piece of fruit or a coffee.

  1. Exceeding in the consumption of light foods

Many times and thinking of losing or maintaining weight, we turn to light foods. Still, if we do not look carefully at the labeling, we can have surprises since the industry lowers one of its nutrients but increases another. Thus these foods tend to have more fat or sugar than their full version. Also, thinking that they get less fat, we consume more.

Recommendation: read the label very well and respect the recommended serving size.

  1. Eat fruit

Another widespread mistake, whether or not we are on vacation, is to eat only fruit, believing that it is low in calories. Indeed as it is the only food we exceed in quantity, in addition to being a food with a lot of water, we eat more to satisfy ourselves.

Recommendation: the fruit contains simple sugars that, when not burned, are transformed into fats and thus are stored. We must consume them for breakfast, mid-morning, and snack, but not at night.

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