Teaching one of the most demanded professions

Teaching will be one of the most demanded professions in 2021, as revealed by a study carried out by the IMF Academic Institution. After analyzing the labor market after confinement, he has listed the five professions with the most opportunities in the labor market over the next year. Lower ratios Education has been one of the sectors most affected during the new pandemic: schools, universities, and training centers new were the first to cancel face-to-face classes and, With the return to face-to-face courses, measures have had to be taken to guarantee safety in the classrooms. The educational centers have divided their groups to lower the ratio. And teachers are needed to fill the new places. The autonomies have planned to hire about 30,000 more teachers, but another 40,000 are missing, according to the estimates of the unions. Furthermore, this year a large number of vacancies will be offered through competitive examinations.

Other professions in demand

In addition to teaching, the other professions most in demand throughout the year will be the following: Cybersecurity Specialist According to the Eleven paths 2019 Cybersecurity Trends Report, and the Cybersecurity market continues to expand its growth exceeds that of the global economy. In the European Union alone, it is estimated that 825,000 professionals may be required by 2025. Given this patent need that already existed previously, after the many Covid-19 companies have had to carry out a sudden digital transformation due to teleworking, which has caused neglect, in part, everything related to online security. Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing has also taken on particular relevance in recent months: almost 19 million people, 53.8% of the population, bought online in the last quarter of 2020, compared to 46.9% in 2019, according to the Survey on Equipment and Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Homes prepared by the INE. This increased use of the Internet and online shopping has put on the table the need for companies to have specialists in digital marketing to ensure their success.

Psychology  The months of confinement, children without being able to relate, job losses, or the loneliness caused by the coronavirus have made psychologists’ role essential to keep the mind as healthy as possible. The consequences left by the pandemic will continue to be noticed during the next 2021, and the help of these professionals will be necessary.

Sanitary professional Health professional working They have been exposed to the virus in the front line with the sole new objective of saving lives. This crisis has highlighted a problem that they have been denouncing for years, which is none other than the lack of personnel. Besides, the unemployment rate in this profession is much lower than in the rest, so its employability level will be in good health during 2021.

Educational centers are equipped to be able to teach hybrid classes

The pandemic has forced schools to create classrooms where students at the center coexist with students at home: this is known as hybrid classrooms, a scenario where two types of students coexist in a synchronized way. Those who are physically in the school and therefore can follow their teachers’ explanations traditionally (without the need for laptops) Others who are at home with their devices connected to the Internet, following the causes of their teachers through a video conference platform (Meet, Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc.). This implies that the same teacher at the same time has to attend to his face-to-face students and those connected remotely. With face-to-face students, use your voice and body language as you have always done. He communicates with the students who are at home through the Internet. To do this, some centers are installing videoconferencing cameras in classrooms so that students can follow classes from their homes “as if they were in the classroom.” In other words, make your experience as similar as possible to be in the front row that you can hear and see the teacher with the highest possible quality of both audio and image.

We have tried many solutions. In the end, we have found equipment that allows good audio and video quality with prices adjusted to the reality of traditional schools in our country. The catalog of cameras suitable to be used with videoconferencing platforms is extensive. It ranges from personal web cameras for PCs to fully motorized models with very powerful optics and software that enables face tracking. There are manufacturers with a long history and guarantees such as Logitech, Aver or Konftel, and also private brands of importers. Schools need appropriate solutions for their different spaces (classrooms, multipurpose rooms, seminars). In standard classrooms, they must be installed on the ceiling and connected to the classroom PCs by USB cable with runs ranging from 10 to 20 meters.

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