Toxicosis during pregnancy: causes, solutions

Many women suffer from toxicosis during pregnancy. Malaise and vomiting can accompany this condition, both in the first trimester and in the third.

Toxicosis during pregnancy
Terms of toxicosis during pregnancy are:
• Toxicosis in the early stages;
• Late toxicosis.

When does toxicosis begin during pregnancy? It is necessary to consider these two main positions and find a solution to this issue.
Toxicosis in the first three months of the “interesting situation” can occur at 4-5 weeks. This condition stops by 12-13 weeks. But the duration and severity of the condition are purely individual. What to do with toxicosis, how to deal with it?

Follow these guidelines:
• Drink plenty of fluids (valerian tinctures, mint);
• In the breakfast diet, fermented milk products (bioyoghurts, cheeses, kefir) is desirable;
• In the absence of appetite, do not force yourself;
• Meals should be fractional (small portions);
• Assorted dried fruits, caraway seeds, citrus fruits, nuts will help to cope with sudden attacks of nausea;
• Make yourself as comfortable as possible by having breakfast lying in your bed.

Late toxicosis (gestosis) may begin after 35 weeks. The impetus for these symptoms can be stressful situations, excess weight, heart and vascular problems, colds, abortions. Age restrictions matter (under 18 and 35+). Late toxicosis is accompanied by an increase in blood pressure and fluid retention in the body (oedema).

How to get rid of toxicosis
Prevention of late toxicosis can consist of the following activities:
• Build a nutritional system that includes fruits, berries, vegetables;
• A categorical ban on eating fried, smoked, overly salty and flour products;
• Mandatory walks in the fresh air, swimming, adherence to the regime;
• Adequate sleep is the key to a healthy nervous system and well-being.

The key to normal health is the use of a sufficient volume of fluid (the volume of water consumed should not be less than one and a half litres), and the optimal protein content in the urine (it is necessary to regularly take tests and visit your doctor).

In conclusion, I would like to say that pregnancy is the best state of a woman, and, following simple rules, she will bring you only positive emotions. Health, love to you and your baby!

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