Treatment of angina at home

Angina is an infectious disease that is accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils. The disease is usually airborne. The first symptoms are: headache, the temperature rises to 39, the body becomes weak, the larynx becomes noticeably red and begins to hurt, and chills also occur. Treatment of sore throat at home is the most ideal remedy that helps to overcome this disease.

Some of the nuances of home treatment for sore throat

• Traditional methods are considered highly effective. But at the same time, you must still observe the strictest bed rest, plus you need to be in complete rest and isolation. After walking around the apartment, you will spread the disease to your own relatives.

• The next important point during the treatment of a disease is drinking. You must drink a lot of fluids a day. During illness, your body temperature can rise significantly, leading to severe dehydration. Accordingly, you should provide your own body with the right amount of water. Very useful during sore throat: hot tea with lemon, fruit juice, fresh fruit drink or compote.

• A variety of folk methods bring very good results, as they eliminate the symptoms of the disease, plus they strengthen the entire human body.

Sore throat treatment at home: the most effective recipes

Honey is a natural product that helps with sore throats. Honey relieves inflammation, kills germs, soothes pain. Accordingly, honey is considered an indispensable and quite important additional agent during medical treatment.

• Take a lump of butter. Melt it in a small bowl and add the same amount of honey, plus some baking soda. Mix the resulting composition well to form a foam. Store in a cool place. Take it three times a day, but only warm.

• Take honey (10 g), heat it, add aloe juice (a couple of spoons). Take 1 tsp. before meals 3 times a day.

• Take boiled water (lukewarm). Dissolve honey in it (1 tbsp. L). Add more apple cider vinegar (1 tsp 6%). Gargle with this product or drink it 3 sips before meals.

• Make a great honey remedy and gargle with it every day. The cooking process is as follows: take honey (3 tbsp. L), dissolve it in lukewarm water (1 tbsp.). Gargle with this folk remedy five times every day.

• One of the most effective remedies that our grandmothers used is milk with the addition of honey. The preparation is very simple, besides, it is also tasty. The resulting composition can still be used during colds, dry and wet coughs. Also, the drink perfectly soothes and is an excellent source of vitamins. You can achieve the best effect if you dissolve a little natural honey in warmed, even hot, milk.To enhance the effect of this healthy drink, simply add butter to it.

Treating angina at home with honey is, of course, effective. But you should know that this product is an allergen, so it must be taken with caution by those people who are allergic to honey. Also, doctors do not advise children under one year old to take honey medicines.

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