Widespread use of knitwear in sewing products

Among the fabrics used as a material for sewing clothes, knitwear stands out more often than others. Due to the properties of crease-resistance, ease of care, the ability to pass air and take on the desired shape, the material is universal.

An important aspect of choosing wardrobe items is their material of manufacture. Knitwear has earned the greatest popularity due to its qualities. Products made from this material are suitable for daily wear, and for sports, and for special events.

Knitwear is a fabric obtained from one or multiple threads by the method of forming loops (purl and front) using knitting machines or by weaving threads. Depending on the fiber and how it is knitted, different types of knitwear are distinguished.

The features of this material, thanks to which the products are widely applicable to the population of any age, include:

the ability to change the shape and size;
high level of softness and low level of crease;
ease of care;
high practicality and versatility.

High-quality knitwear will be elastic, but at the same time, it will not stretch during wear. For designers of clothing models, the ability of knitwear to fit the figure is convenient, which greatly simplifies sewing of wardrobe items. An important characteristic of such a fabric is the absence of pills after washing the products.

The material does not wrinkle due to its loose structure, achieved by means of a loop design. High-quality fabric does not fade or fade.

The canvas allows air and moisture to pass through, due to which the pores of a person are not clogged.

The cycle of clothing production includes the initial execution of sketches, the development of special programs for knitting equipment and the knitting process itself for the subsequent implementation of suits, dresses, trousers, etc. Many fashion designers use jersey when developing products because of its versatility: it is suitable for sewing underwear and evening dresses.

The best outfit option for supporters of an active lifestyle is a knitted tracksuit. For example, on the site, you can clearly see the options for such products: with shorts, trousers or breeches. Suits, which include soft sweaters or comfortable T-shirts, will be an indispensable item of clothing for home, visiting sports clubs, walking in the fresh air .

Knitted clothes can be of various colors, both delicate and muted, as well as bright and colorful, have a monochromatic design or with a pattern. To achieve the desired color, soluble and insoluble dyes are used, applied to yarn, fibers or fabric.

By its structure, jersey can be cross-knitted or, as it is also called, kulirny, and warp-knitted. The ability of the material to stretch depends on the type. A double sheet, in contrast to a single sheet, is characterized by greater density and strength.

The main types of knitwear include natural, synthetic and mixed types. The advantage of natural is its higher hygroscopicity compared to synthetic. The second type has the ability to dry quickly. The best option are products, in the manufacture of which a combination of fibers is used: natural and polyester or acrylic.

It is necessary to adhere to the mandatory rules for the care of knitted wardrobe items: wash by hand or at low temperatures, do not dry near a battery, store clothes not on hangers, but on the shelves of the cabinet folded in order to prevent stretching of the items.

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